IBM HATS Web Services

Modern applications with the help of Web Services have appropriate mechanism to communicate with other Applications, a capability that is practically absent in legacy Green Screen applications. IBM Rational HATS® fully supports Service Oriented Architecture to develop and consume Web Services that can be used to get the data back and forth from & to the Green Screen Applications.
Learn how the platform independent Web Services, can be initiated and consumed within IBM Rational HATS®. The webinar also includes a technical demonstration of Web Service implementation and a Case Study of SOA enablement for IBM i Green Screen Applications using HATS®, primarily through Web Services that improved the organization’s efficiency by 85%*

HATS on Geronimo Server

Webinar on how to Run, Test And Deploy HATS web applications on Apache Geronimo Application Server.

Menus in IBM Rational HATS

With the enhancements in Computing and Human Computer interfacing, GUI has been extended to include various input mediums like Keyboard, Mouse, Light Pen, Touch Screen, etc. Whatever the device is, a modern interface is certainly incomplete without the implementation of “Menus”. Menus are essential part of UI design as they help a user in navigation and taking desired decisions on the interface.
Green Screen applications can be modernized according to latest UI trends with the help of IBM Rational HATS. Royal Cyber’s unique, innovative solution transforms Green screen applications for any medium, with the help of many Widgets, Controls, Function Keys, Utilities, Web Services and many types of Menus. Learn why the Menus are important. Explore how to use various types of Menus like Static, Dynamic, Tree, Pop-up, etc in IBM Rational HATS. Remember, a user friendly application is a key success factor for organizations to attain best ROI.
(The webinar included the demonstration of a menu development in HATS)

Green Screen Apps in Mobile Era

IBM i and z series applications that have passed the test of time are hard to replace because of many factors including reliability, cost, training, time, etc. However, to gain or maintain competitive edge, it is important for organizations to follow newer technological trends. Offering solutions on Mobile devices inarguably is the most critical need of the day. Royal Cyber’s unique, innovative solution levitates your Green screen applications to latest mobile gadgets, irrespective of the technology, device, O/S and platform. Solution offered on mobile are modernized to meet the current UI trends without any compromise on performance and security.
Learn why it is important to have Mobile devices support of the Green Screen applications to your solution armory to attain maximum business and technical benefits. This webinar will demonstrate the benefits and procedures to extend the legacy green screen applications to latest mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones, tablets, bar code readers, PDAs, etc.

IBM Rational HATS Trainer

Conduct official IBM Rational HATS training for attendees world wide.

Explore the Technology that quickly transforms your 3270 and 5250 green screen applications to intuitive Web, portlet, rich client or Mobile device user interfaces, and extend 3270, 5250, and VT green screens as standard Web services.

Responsive HATS Applications

Transform your legacy green screen applications into web based applications, accessible from all devices without any compromise on speed and quality, with short development time. This modernization enhances the business portfolio drastically resulting in best ROI.
Experience the art of our unique HATS Responsive Design development that adjust automatically to any resolution, making the system best fit for all the devices and platforms.