Why to Choose JBoss Application Server 7

Why to Choose JBoss Application Server 7

JBoss application server 7 is much advanced as compared to its older versions, following are some of the salient new features worth knowing before choosing a JBoss application server version.

Rapid start-up

JBoss application server 7 booting time is much faster than its previous versions. The boot process of JBoss 7 is extremely optimized, many services in JBoss 7 are started concurrently as today’s machines have multi-core processors. Various services that are not critical are not started until needed.

Boots after the first one are even faster due to the indexed or cached metadata. JBoss application server 7 has a 10 times faster start-up time as compared to previous versions.

Light on Memory

JBoss 7 manages memory aggressively and minimizes pauses for garbage collection, it only loads the JAR files it needs and makes use of indexed metadata to avoid full parses, keeping the memory usage remarkably low.

Centralized configuration management

JBoss 7 provides centralized configuration management which is much simpler and user friendly, it gives an easy to use view for administrator and managers while configuring the server.


Development friendly

JBoss Application Server gives you an extremely fast cycle for modification, compilation and testing of any component model, making it very easy for developers to work with JBoss Application Server in the test environment.

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