Private Cloud – An Enterprise Need

Private Cloud – An Enterprise Need

Private cloud is a specific type of cloud computing that provides distinct and secure cloud environment, control on its resources are only available to its owner thus it is operated by a single client. A cloud environment provides service of computing power in a virtualized environment by using an underlying set of physical computing assets. Control on one such virtual environment is given to a single client in private cloud, this provides better privacy and security.

Private cloud services are normally categorized and priced by the features, operating systems, available RAM, storage and bandwidth that they offer.


The private cloud is similar to a traditional setup of individual computers on local access networks (LANs) used in the past by organizations and enterprises, however private cloud give the added advantages of virtualization. Following are some prominent features of cloud environment.

  • Greater security and privacy- public clouds can implement a specific level of security, whereas private clouds can offer much more in this, private cloud environments use methods such as distinct pools of resources with access restrictions to make it much more secure.
  • Better control- a private cloud is only made available to a single organization, concerned resources of that organization get the ability to configure, control and manage it online on the basis of their needs.
  • Cost efficiency- creating a private cloud model improves the resource allocation in an organization by ensuring that the availability of resources to individual departments/team can flexibly respond to the demand.
  • Improved reliability- creation of virtualized environments for operations ensures that the network is much more resilient to normal individual failures in terms of the physical infrastructure.
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