Successful IBM i Modernization

Successful IBM i Modernization

Beyond a fraction of doubt IBM i is still a topnotch application server, it ensures amazing robustness, scalability, dependability, security and little cost of ownership. The necessity to modernize and transform 5250 applications has increased with time. Not only to improving the way these applications appearance, but the way they actually work and perform.

Fruitful modernization of IBM i applications can provide a quick return on investment (ROI) and long-standing benefits. However, doing modernization in the wrong way with the wrong tools can be disastrous! A miscarried modernization project can be the last straw for some companies that seem to have overlooked the business worth the IBM i has been bringing for years. An efficacious project, on the other hand, can be the first step to ensuring a bright future for IBM i applications and enhanced success for your business.

One of the key aspects to have big success in modernization is dependent on leveraging your existing source code and database. If the current application is complimenting the business well from the practical side, then there are many benefits in keep using this system as foundation anywhere as much as possible. By reusing present source code you cut cost, risks, and time needed to make use of the modernized application.

Modernization suites are getting matured to include integrated support with development. This is critical when new features are required quickly, and flawlessly couples with standing applications. Modernized solutions are about reusing where sensible and creating new code where compulsory, within a services architecture, so that a foundation is created that meets current requirements while giving a platform for future development and requirements.

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About Asif Hussain

In the software industry from 2002, having experience in design, development, and analysis of enterprise software products, project management and public speaking.

Handled dozens of e-commerce web projects. Involved in development and implementation of financial applications and online stock trading platforms for banks and brokerage houses. Also worked on projects for Oil & Gas Marketing companies and Car Tracker systems.

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Have worked as lead implementer for Customer Relationship Management systems (Oracle's Siebel CRM on demand & Sugar CRM).

Also have worked as lead analyst, project manager, and data migration expert for huge projects in government sector.

Currently working as 'Project Manager', Trainer and Senior Consultant, IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization' using IBM Rational HATS/HOD for Royal Cyber projects worldwide.

I am an MBA(Marketing) from College of Business Management(CBM/IoBM). Prior to that, graduated in Computer Engineering from Bahria University.

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