Modernizing Legacy IBM i Applications

Modernizing Legacy IBM i Applications

The IBM i has a large user base of legacy applications that are written in older languages like RPG and COBOL and display green screens.  These applications are carrying out core jobs for several companies. They were created well earlier then the internet, the cloud or hand held devices reached masses.

Most companies using these systems are feeling need to modernize their functionality specially their look and feel. For them many new requirements have evolved in the past years. Also, there is market need to cater ever-growing range of cellular or hand held devices however not compromising on security concerns.


The cost-of-ownership for IBM i is a lot smaller than that of Linux/Oracle or Windows/SQL server. Organizations are reluctant to change to these other platforms, or to applications considered as being more “modern”, due to the big costs involved and disturbance to business. They see benefit in continuing their existing investment in the IBM i and modernizing their applications to encounter new demands. Their current hardware is reliable and they have no issue of performance even to meet expected growth for the next couple of years.

The Modernization.

Modernization has progressed from simple screen scrapers to complex rule based scenarios and workflow updates. Vendors make all kinds of promises, however these so called quick and inexpensive solutions to cloud and mobile solutions, often ignore the need to add new functionality and work flows.


What actually is required is an experienced solution provider with a track record of modernization in different industries that will guide you to fruitful results keeping the best ROI.


Royal Cyber can modernize traditional text-based interfaces (i.e. 3270 and 5250 green-screen applications) into web, portlet, rich client or mobile device user interfaces. We are also considered experts in extending 3270, 5250 and virtual terminal (VT) applications as web services.


We can help you reuse and re purpose your existing assets in advanced and more marketable ways.

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I am an MBA(Marketing) from College of Business Management(CBM/IoBM). Prior to that, graduated in Computer Engineering from Bahria University.

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